Campaign groups detailed


• DougCo Champions for Kids

Favors current board

Two filings with Secretary of State:

May 2013 as C3 Solutions

March 2013 as DougCo Champions for Kids

Form: May 2013, corporation/paid solicitor

March 2013, unincorporated nonprofit association

Corporation officers: Benjamin Wetmore, Damon Sasso, Michael Krause

Registered agent for nonprofit: March 2013 Mike Krause, Independence Institute’s vice president of operations

Funding: Independence Institute, C3 Solutions

Self description: We are a group of parents, educators, business people, and taxpayers who want to share the news about what's really going on in DougCo K-12 education

Known campaign involvement: Distributes campaign material, sponsors open houses and house parties, uses direct mail, door-to-door solicitation, Internet solicitation, telephone solicitation

• Douglas County Education Alliance

Favors current board

Filed with Secretary of State: March 2012

Form: Nonprofit corporation

Registered agent: Randy Reed, former mayor of Castle Rock

Funding: Unknown*

*In March 2012, the conservative Bradley Foundation approved a $25,000 grant to a Castle Rock group, the Douglas County Educational Reform Alliance, “to support program activities.” Bradley Foundation representatives did not return calls asking for clarification on the group’s name. Searches found no organization with the name Douglas County Educational Reform Alliance.

The Bradley Foundation supported controversial changes to education in Wisconsin and supports education reform, school choice and vouchers.

Self description: The Douglas County Education Alliance is pleased to partner with so many voices in our community to deliver the message that education dollars belong to students, teachers, and classrooms, not union bosses. Douglas County Schools are the best in America and divisive, negative tactics won’t work here.

Known campaign involvement: Paid for television, newspaper ads and automated phone messages supporting DCSD, conducted phone survey on recent DCSD board policy changes, distributed flyers

• Douglas County Parents

Favors change of board

Filed with Secretary of State: August 2013

Form: Political committee

Registered agent: Connie Davison, member of Douglas County Parents leadership team

Funding: Volunteer donations

Self description: We are parents and community members of all political affiliations, ages and professions who are concerned about the policies that the Douglas County Board of Education and school district administration have forced upon the families and teachers of our community.

Known campaign involvement: Distributes campaign material, coordinates house parties, encourages parental involvement, endorsed candidates

• Strong Schools Coalition

Favors change of board

Filed with Secretary of State: March 2012

Form: Charity, 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Registered agent: Robert Kaser, treasurer of Strong Schools Coalition, past president of Douglas County Educational Foundation

Funding: Donations from Douglas County residents, employees or those with relatives in the county.

Self description: Voluntary, nonpartisan organization composed of parents, students, teachers, and community members/organizations who have a stake in the success and performance of the Douglas County School District.

Known campaign involvement: Sent petition to state and local officials regarding parent concerns, posted candidate survey, publishes graphics and other information about DCSD facts and issues used at private house parties

• Taxpayers for Public Education

Favors change of board

Registered with Secretary of State: April 2011

Form: Nonprofit corporation

Registered agent: Delana Maynes, vice president of Taxpayers for Public Education

Funding: Douglas County resident donations

Self description: We are a non-profit and non-partisan group of citizens organized to protect our public schools from budget reduction due to private school voucher programs.

Known campaign involvement: Sponsored showing of anti-school board documentary, “The Reformers,” sponsoring speaker series’ Voices for Public Education, distributed candidate survey with plans to post answers.

Information compiled by Jane Reuter 


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