Douglas County's highs and lows on the survey


Douglas County School District educator responses to some questions in the 2015 TELL survey:

The components of the teacher evaluation process accurately identify effectiveness.

Strongly disagree/disagree: 71 percent

Agree/strongly agree: 30 percent

The teacher evaluation process improves teachers' instructional strategies.

 Strongly disagree/disagree: 60 percent

Agree/strongly agree: 40 percent

Overall, my school is a good place to work and learn.

Strongly disagree/disagree: 14 percent

Agree/strongly agree: 87 percent

The community we serve is supportive of this school.

Strongly disagree/disagree: 8 percent

Agree/strongly agree: 92 percent


75 percent of teachers plan to continue teaching at their current school; the state average is 80 percent

16 percent plan to continue teaching but leave the district; the state average is 7 percent

Douglas County School District principal responses to the 2015 TELL survey:

(Between 31 and 34 DCSD principals answered each question; DCSD includes 80 schools)

Central office has streamlined procedures to minimize principals' time on non-instructional tasks.

Strongly disagree/disagree: 61 percent

Agree/strongly agree: 39 percent

My district HR department provides highly qualified applicants for open faculty positions in this school.

Strongly disagree/disagree: 33 percent

Agree/strongly agree: 67 percent

There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect within this district.

Strongly disagree/disagree: 57 percent

Agree/strongly agree: 41 percent


88 percent of Douglas County principals plan to continue as principal at their current school; the state average is 87 percent

9 percent plan to continue as a principal but leave the district; the state average is 3 percent


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