Harvey behind anti-Clinton Super PAC

Republican politician sure that former secretary of state will be 2016 nominee


Colorado state Sen. Ted Harvey has been named the honorary chairman for a national super PAC that went public this past week and has its sights set on stopping a run to the White House for potential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary will be the nominee,” Harvey said, when asked about targeting her more than three years before the 2016 election. “I don’t have any doubt that will be the case.

“The Republican Party has always waited until the last minute to try to define themselves and their opponents and you have seen the results of that over the last several election cycles. We wanted to make sure that was not going to be the case when it comes to Hillary Clinton. We wanted to start early.”

The Highlands Ranch Republican said that Clinton is making all the moves typical of a national candidate, and that PACs are sprouting up in support of a Clinton campaign already. The only other candidates that he and fellow Republicans working on the Stop Hillary PAC are concerned with, Harvey said, are those she endorses.

“Any candidate that she endorses, we will be there to tell the voters who that person is and counteract anything that Hillary Clinton and her campaign do across this country,” he said. “Wherever she is, we will be.

“We are going to continue to remind the citizens of the United States who Hillary Clinton is and what her background is; her whole history of misleading the American public, whether it was her personal or public behavior, her efforts with the Rose Law Firm, whether it was Whitewater or whether it was Benghazi.”

The organization, “Stop Hillary PAC,” officially filed with the Federal Election Commission in May, but has kept things quiet until now. According to Harvey, the PAC had a very good week of fundraising in its first week of going public with appearances on Fox News, CNN and a story in the Washington Times.

The group launched its first anti-Clinton YouTube video July 24 on its website, www.stophillarypac.org, reaching more than 100,000 people by email, Harvey said. The video had topped 31,000 views by Colorado Community Media’s July 26 deadline.

Commercials and radio spots are not expected for a while from the group, as Harvey said they plan to keep their efforts focused on social media.

When asked about whom he saw running against Clinton in 2016 if she indeed is the nominee for the Democratic Party, he said he was focused solely on stopping Clinton.

“I am confident that the Republican Party will put up a great nominee in 2016 and will be able to be very competitive against Hillary Clinton, because of the efforts of organizations like the Stop Hillary PAC,” he said.

Calls for comment to Mike Jones, Douglas County Democratic Party Chairman, as well as Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet were not returned prior to deadline.


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