Incumbent addresses campaign donations

Incumbent addresses campaign donations


In addition to her 2009 local Republican endorsement, incumbent school board candidate Meghann Silverthorn received $5,000 each from education reform advocates Alex Cranberg, Ralph Nagel, Richard Riordan and Ed McVaney during her 2009 run. She said those $20,000 in donations didn’t influence her board decisions during the last four years.

“People are very jaded these days about politics,” she said. “They see stuff like that and automatically assume whatever they’re going to assume. As far as the fundraising, that enabled me to get my message to people, to tell the voters of Douglas County what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it.

“I answer to the constituency, the voters and parents. We (the board) were already of like mind. We already believed in choice for kids and education reform. I feel like I’ve been responsive to taxpayers and citizens, and I’ve always had an open door. It’s not closed just because somebody doesn’t agree with Alex Cranberg or Ralph Nagel.”

The other current board members received similar, large contributions from many of those same donors during their 2009 and 2011 campaigns.


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