My name is...Jacinta Lisauskaite

Counselor, student


Far-off places

I was born and grew up in Lithuania and came to the States when I was in my last year of high school. I lived in Ohio for six years and in Colorado for the past two years. I love the weather out here. We get so many sunny days and it keeps me feeling happy. I also enjoy that the weather changes very quickly. You definitely do not get bored out here. There are many social and career-related opportunities in the Front Range area, which excites me.

In my spare time, I like to enjoy nature and be active, whether it is walking my friend’s dog in a park, running or hiking up to the mountain peaks. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives, reading counseling and theological books, playing ultimate Frisbee, and dancing. I love investing in friendships and people that I encounter on daily basis.

Seeking to help in health

I am a full-time student in the clinical mental health counseling program at Denver Seminary. I work in direct service at a hospital where we provide help to members of the community who experience mental health emergencies.

My goals

My goal is to graduate in a few years and work with college students. Young adulthood is a critical time for people to figure out how they want to live life and get basic skills to navigate the future. I want to be a part of their development.

At the core of my philosophy as a counselor, I know we all are shaped by the past and present relationships. Happiness comes from developing better, more satisfying relationships. There is so much possibility of growth, happiness and freedom that is available to each of us.

I have a heart to work with couples and families who are struggling. Help and hope are available, yet counseling is not a quick fix and involves hard work. If given an opportunity, I’d love to pursue further education and take my skills to serve people abroad and in my own homeland.


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