My name is...Lori Kalisch

Teacher, dog lover, volleyball player


About me

I am a director at the Montessori School at Lone Tree. In Montessori, in order to be a lead teacher, you have to go through training. I did my training in Boulder. I do everything here. I work with the parents and teachers and deal with licensing and the health department, the whole nine yards.

I played basketball on a scholarship at Regis University and when I graduated I started working with troubled youth. I decided I wanted to work with children in a different capacity, so I found the Montessori School at Lone Tree and fell in love with it. I loved the Montessori school materials since I saw them. I became the director about six years ago. I still love teaching, but now I feel like I am drawn to teachers and helping them in the classroom.

A generational thing

We have such a great school. It has been here for 31 years. In December, we did a huge remodel. We had our open house a couple weeks ago and now we are settled back in.

Children come here at about three years old and they remain here for three years. We now have moms who are second generation here. It is unbelieveable to think that some people came here and now their children are here.

Dogs ‘have my heart’

I have two labs who have my heart. I have a black lab named Sophie and a black lab named Daphne. Sophie is an alpha. She is really, really dominant. We had to get a trainer. We have to have the dogs taking turns playing fetch or else Sophie will tear the ball away. They are both so loving that it is hard to sleep sometimes —they take up the whole king-size bed.

About my family

My daughter did Montessori training. She is a nanny right now and wants to find a school next year. My son manages a fast-food restaurant and is looking into getting into the military.

My husband and I met playing volleyball. We used to play every weekend. We would do these doubles tournaments in Wash Park together. We still play.


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