Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

A lifelong attraction to the hard stuff

A man walks into a bar with a large chunk of concrete and says to the bartender, “Give me a drink. And one for the road.” I like concrete. I’ve always liked concrete. Concrete is everywhere. …
Michael Norton
Winning Words

Here’s to hope, habits and happiness

There is a popular statement among business professionals, owners, and salespeople, and it is based on the book by Rick Page titled “Hope is Not a Strategy.” In this context, hoping to grow our …
Coming Attractions

Dragon Boat Film Festival fosters conversations

Conversation is one of the best ways to build a bond with another person. Not only that, but it provides a wonderful opportunity to enlighten and educate. And conversation doesn’t just have to be …
Michael Norton
Winning Words

The right question requires the right response

A nagging and recurring elbow injury had finally forced my hand to seek medical attention. After meeting with an orthopedic surgeon, the diagnosis was more than tennis elbow or bursitis, it was a …

Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

Pandemic diversion is one for the books

A man past sixty living alone with a small dog walks to his guest room where a little library of fiction is kept and scans the spines for an option to read as the second year of a pandemic has him …
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Recall drive seems pointless

Recall drive seems pointless It is difficult to understand the Douglas County School Board director recall election effort. The district will have to pay $250-350K for an election when just four …

Letter to the editor: Schools’ equity policy is crucial

Schools’ equity policy is crucial I congratulate Douglas County School District for the work on the Equity Policy and this media for shedding light into this journey. George Floyd’s murder was …

Letter to the editor: Thankful for vaccination

Thankful for vaccination I have made every effort to go to the back of the COVID-19 vaccination line and let more at-risk seniors go ahead of me, but luck was not with me. About 10 days ago my …

Letter to the editor: Smelling a rat around recall

Smelling a rat around recall Why do I think there is a back story to the Feb. 11 story of a recall process initiated to target four DCSD school board directors? A group claims it is seeking to oust …

Letter to the editor: Replace school board

Replace school board We elect a school board to put our children’s education first; to set both students and teachers up for success. When a school board fails to do this, we owe it to our children …
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